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  Removed some dead links.
  Added OHS design to Gallery of my website creations.
  Posted the "Roland Schabram" version of the PushPins program
  Linked to my blog on (a social networking site). I'm working on a redesign of this website, so I don't want to invest too heavily in updates (of a social nature) into the current version. Nor do I want to delay that info until the redesign is finished. So if you're interested in "What's Craig been up to?" see that site.
  Released the source code for my PushPins program under a Creative Commons license. The technically proficient may wish to enhance the program or port it (e.g., to AutoHotKey).
  Vision Phone downloads: changed download method to address switch to new hosting company. GoDaddy does not support the file types QCP, GCD, or JAD so I had to force the MIME type. I am no longer a Sprint customer, so I can't be sure it works with Vision phones, but at least the PC download is working, albeit this method generates strange default file names.
  Automated email generation (Xtile Watchlists, Solution Verification, Password Reminder, etc.) had to be re-coded to work with new hosting vendor's setup.
  The web site is back up. The domain and hosting were transferred to a new vendor last night. I then edited 235 files for the new setup structure. Preliminary testing of database and scripts looks good. But let me know if you stumble across something that's broken.
  I've grown tired of the poor support and declining stability of my current hosting vendor (M&A) who acquired ReadyHosting. Therefore I've initated the transfer of both the domain and hosting to and there may be periodic outages during the transfer process, including email.
  Fixed some phone download menus broken by the M&A acquisition
  Apple Dribble Cake recipe added.
Ancient Milestones
  GoDaddy is the new hosting vendor for, ending five years with ReadyHosting (who was acquired by M&A and thus began their decline in stability and support).
  My hosting vendor fixed a security vulnerability on their web servers after several of their customers (this site included) had their home pages defaced by hackers on Sunday.
  100,000th Visitor today at about 16:45 EST! [200,000th Visitor on Memorial day (05/26)]
  It's the one year anniversary of the website under the domain name. The number of visitors in a single week now far exceeds the total of the first five years! The graph shows a dramatic traffic increase when the Phone Files section was added at the end of November 2002. The growth has continued to climb, and at this writing there are an average of 1,800 unique sessions, from every major country, and consuming bandwidth of 150+ Mb per day. Any day now Scotty will call to say "The warp engines canna take any more, Cap'n!"
  Added Phone Downloads section Downloadable ringers for 3G type phones (e.g., Sprint PCS Vision). Ringer types include QCP and MIDI formats, and images that can be used for wallpaper, screen savers, etc. The pages are very bland, so they'll look okay when accessed by a web-enabled cell phone.
  Finally! I'm in Google's search engine after about 3 months of waiting.
  We're at now that I bit the bullet and purchased a domain name and web hosting from To match the simpler, memorable domain name of, the main menu and all references to "Givence" have been removed or now conform to the site's new name. It took a couple of weeks for the vendor to iron out the last few kinks. Everything was fixed and accessible by the 20th.
  Total Rebuild of the Givence website to improve organization, simplify navigation, and optimize graphics (faster page loads). By the way, happy PI day. This ratio (a transcendental number derived by dividing a circle's circumference by its diameter) is often abbreviated as 3.14 so 03/14 is PI day!
  Givence website version 1 completed.
  Construction of the Givence web site begins at
  Need for a redesign identified and planning begins for new Givence site.
Circa May 1997
  Original web site went online with Compuserve as Host.

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